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Silverfish Killer Sprays

We sell a range of insecticidal silverfish sprays which are commonly used to tackle infestations in and around the home. We have rapid knockdown sprays available for applying directly onto visible silverfish and barrier sprays designed to treat high activity areas by creating a deadly line of residue.

Silverfish Killer Powders

Silverfish powders are are highly effective method control that can be used in chemical sensitive areas such as kitchens. Silverfish can hide in cracks and crevices where using a spray would be ineffective. Our powders can be puffed directly into these cracks for more effective results.

Silverfish Killer Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs are commonly used to tackle silverfish infestations due to their high level of effectiveness. The fumes from the smoke bombs will penetrate all cracks and crevices along with any other hard to reach areas. These deadly fumes will deliver rapid knockdown results against these insects. Smoke bombs can be purchased in different sizes depending on the size of the room that needs treating.