Rentokil Mouse Killer Grain Bait

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  • Ready To Use Loose Grain Bait
  • Kills Up To 20 Mice
  • Supplied In Handy Sized Sachets
  • Can Be Used Indoors And Outdoors

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Rentokil Mouse Killer Grain Bait is a ready to use loose grain bait for dealing with mouse infestations in commercial or domestic properties.

This mouse bait has been developed to the strongest formulation and is proven to control the toughest infestations.

Once consumed the bait kills mice instantly. One box can kill up to 20 mice.

Each box contains 10 handy sized sachets which can be placed into target areas where mice are active or used within a mouse bait station to protect against non-target species.

Contains Brodifacoum.

How to use

  • Place unopened sachet of grain bait within a mouse bait station for protection against non-target species.
  • Bait can be emptied into a bait tray if safe to do so.
  • Before placing any bait down make sure to remove any other natural food sources.
  • Place the bait station or bait tray into an area where mouse activity is known to be high.
  • Check bait boxes every 2-3 days and refill with bait if necessary
  • Check the area for any dead mice and dispose of them safely.
  • Use bait points of 1 sachet in a bait box, 10m apart, reducing to 5m in heavy infestation.
  • Mice are inquisitive so move the bait points every 2-3 days.

Safety data

Click here for Safety Data Sheet


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