The Brown Rat is considered one of the most serious mammalian pests ever known; it’s opportunist lifestyle, intelligence, agility, omnivorous diet and prolific breeding potential make it one of the worlds most successful mammals. They carry dangerous diseases such as salmonella, weils disease and rat bite fever. Rats must be controlled as they cause serious damage to property. Rats can be difficult to trap but relatively easy to poison with rodenticides.

Finding a rat infestation can be distressing whether in a home or business. Rats are hugely persistent and immensely agile, gaining access through the most unlikely entry points. They cause damage through destruction to property and gnawed wires. They also spread potentially serious diseases such as salmonellosis and Weil’s disease.

We sell various types of rat poison in different formulations including grain bait, block bait and pasta bait. Each poison can be placed inside a rat bait station for protecting non-target species. Alternatively, rat traps can be deployed into infested areas to lure and control rats.

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