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How to Get Rid of Woodlice

Woodlice are sometimes called Pillbugs or Slaters and are quite strange in appearance. The most common being the oval shaped crustacean which is brown/grey coloured and can be as large as 15mm in length.

Their natural habitat is outdoors and you will usually find them in wood storage piles, or under stone slabs. Here they will feed on bark, rotting wood and leaves.

Woodlice proofing your home

This can be a difficult task to to the small size of this invader. They will only venture indoors if they environment is to their liking or their is a large number present around the house.

Remove any stacked wood from against any exterior walls, cut back on any vegetation that is growing close to the house. If you have any planters or pots against the house remove these also.

Check masonry and brickwork close to the ground for cracks and repoint as required. Air bricks could be protected with Mouse Mesh Grills these are fine enough to keep out woodlice.

If you find woodlice in upstairs rooms it can be a sign your guttering needs cleaning out as this is a favourite haunt and breeding ground.

Seal around any pipe work entering the home and gaps between floors and skirting you can do this with a decorators caulk.

If you live in an old property and have a rising damp problem this will certainly attract woodlice. They can get behind any lifting wallpaper and feed of any mould that occurs.

If you live in a warm dry home it is unlikely you will suffer from woodlice entering it.

Woodlice control products

There a few products that we can employ to control woodlice depending on where they are. As prevention is better than cure it is worth treating some exterior areas of the house with an insectidal powder like Residex P. You can apply this with a Polminor Duster for easy application. Puff the powder into and around air bricks and any cracks and crevices in brickwork.

Inside your home you can apply a spray like Protector C, Rentokil Insectrol or Dethlac all of these have residual properties and keep on being effective for several weeks. You can also spray the woodlice directly for an instant knockdown effect.

If you prefer a more natural approach then Organ X Insect Desidust applied to areas of activity or directly onto them kills the woodlice by drying them out.

Depending on the circumstances and where they are an Insecto Smoke Bomb can be successful in killing those that are present at the time.

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