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How to Get Rid of Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh Ants are becoming much more prevalent in particular in the South East of the country, London being the epicentre. They can be tricky insects to control often because of the property they inhabit, large blocks of flats with multiple occupancy.

Controlling Pharaoh Ants means destroying the colony not just the ants you see on your work surfaces. To do this you need specialist products, off the shelf ant control products will be ineffective.


Pharaoh Ants are small yellow/light brown in colour, almost transparent. The workers are no more than 2mm in length. The pharaoh ant queen can lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime.

Where to bait

Pharaoh Ants cease activity at night but start work again in the early morning , scouts will go out foraging for food. They use an elaborate trail system defined by different pheromones that others can follow.

Laying poison bait on an active trail will give quicker results so try and study the movement of the ants before deciding where to place your poison.

Baits available

There is a vast range of ant products on the market, but unless they are specifically for Pharaoh Ants they will have no effect whatsoever. We offer Biopren BMS, which is a fine granular bait or Imidasect Ant Bait which is a liquid gel bait.

Baiting the trail

We recommend you start with the Biopren Ant Bait as this is protein based and the ants preferred food source. Snip off the sachet top with a pair of scissors and place adjacent to the ant trail.

You may bait on more than one trail. In most cases the ants very quickly carry all the bait back to the colony and you may be surprised how quickly you need to replenish the sachet. The idea is that by carrying the bait back to the colony it will in time be destroyed.

Bait indifference

You may suddenly notice that there is still ant activity but they are no longer feeding from the Biopren. This is quite a common trait and at this point you should switch to using a more sugary type of bait like the Imidasect Ant Gel bait. Feed this bait for a while until they again stop feeding and then switch back to the Biopren.

How long to keep baiting?

You should keep baiting until there is no longer any sign of ant activity at all. This may take several weeks depending on the size of the colony.

To achieve success you need to be patient and consistent in your baiting approach.

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