Cluster Flies

cluster flyThe Cluster Fly is often mistaken for the common house fly but it is more sluggish and often appears to fly very slowly. It can overwinter in vast numbers in lofts, cellars and dark voids. These flies are of no particular harm but can be alarming because of their great numbers. They are generally noticed on the first warm days of spring when they congregate on the inside of windows. Frequently found in window frames, particularly sash windows.

Cluster Fly Killer Sprays
We sell a range of cluster fly killer sprays that can be applied directly onto these insects for rapid knockdown results and barrier sprays which can be applied around window frames and other surfaces. We also sell spray canisters which can be used within timed dispensers for periodic insecticide release for repeat cluster fly infestations.

Cluster Fly Killer Powders
Cluster flies are known to congregate together in large numbers, in this situation our cluster fly powders are highly effective as they can be sprinkled onto a target area. They can also be applied within cracks and crevices where cluster flies may be hiding. Our powders are also a good chemical free alternative to sprays.

Cluster Fly Killer Smoke Bombs
Smoke bombs are commonly used to tackle cluster fly infestations due to their high level of effectiveness. The fumes from the smoke bombs will penetrate all cracks and crevices along with any other hard to reach areas. These deadly fumes will deliver rapid knockdown results against these flying insects. Smoke bombs can be purchased in different sizes depending on the size and area of the room that needs treating.

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