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Carpet Beetle Killer Sprays

Carpet beetle sprays contain deadly insecticides needed to deal with woolly bears and affected items should be sprayed directly. We also recommend treating areas between floorboards, under carpets and under felts where fluff may collect and attract the insects. Sprays are available in natural and non-natural forms.

Carpet Beetle Killer Powders

Carpet beetle powders are highly effective and versatile as they can be sprinkled and dusted into carpets, around skirting boards, under furniture and within other cracks and crevices. Once applied these powders will absorb into the surface but they can be vacuumed up if needed. We also sell insecticide free powders for use in chemical sensitive areas, such as kitchens.

Carpet Beetle Killer Smoke Bombs

Since carpet beetle larvae can be difficult to spot and can also be present in all areas of your homes even those not visible to the human eye we recommend using a carpet beetle smoke bomb. These fumers release an insecticide which can treat an entire room or area and those difficult to reach spots. Smoke bombs are available in a range of sizes depending on the size of the area to treat.