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Bed Bug Killer Sprays

Bed bug sprays are usually the 'go to' solution for dealing with an infestation as they can be applied to soft furnishings, mattresses and other high activity areas. We sell a range of natural and non-natural sprays depending on your preference. Make sure to check each product before applying to mattresses and bedding.

Bed Bug Killer Powders

Bed bug powders are a highly effective form of insecticide to use against an infestation. They can be sprinkled into cracks and crevices, around skirting boards and other areas either difficult to reach or commonly known for presence of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Smoke Bombs

Bed bug smoke bombs are the perfect solution for treating a whole area or room of any size. Once lit the fumes from the smoke bomb will target all areas of the room, killing all bed bugs present even ones that are hiding.  We sell different sized fumers depending on the size of the area you need to treat.

Bed Bug Traps & Monitors

Bed bug traps and monitors are designed as a discreet bit of kit to detect the presence and size of a potential bed bug infestation. We don't recommend using these products as the sole form of control but they are good tools to indicate the severity of a potential bed bug problem.